Beijing Chemsun Pharmtech Co.,Ltd

Beijing Chemsun Pharmtech Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is located in the Zhongguancun National Science and Technology Park - Fengtai Science Park,.  

Beijing ChemSun PharmTech Co.,Ltd is a competitive company providing specialty and fine chemicals in the global market.Focusing on developing the innovative technologies for organic synthesis, Chemsun has both the expertise and flexibility to produce a wide range of chemicals, such as APIs, API intermediates, fluorine organic chemicals, chiral intermediates, and heterocyclic chemicals. 

Chemsun is also one of the leading contract manufacturing company providing all kinds of chemicals,especially pyrazine series and sulfonyl chloride series.

Chemsun has a  subsidiary -- Binzhou Fuerr Chemical Co.,Ltd, which is located in Binzhou Industrial Park in Shandong province.

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Address: Hangfeng Road 8#, Building 3#, Room B3038, Fengtai District, Beijing, China


E-mail: market@chemsun.cn

QQ :2810381016

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